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What are the main male health problems and which reviews are most recommended by age?

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Women have very assimilated visits to the gynecologist, men find it more difficult to go to the urologist, out of fear or shame; therefore, they usually avoid or postpone the urological examination. At any age, it is important to carry out medical check-ups at least once a year, but after a certain age these check-ups should be more rigorous.

Men must understand the medical examination as the male ITV, (equivalent to MOT) it must be carried out every year, you cannot postpone it and if problems are diagnosed, the pertinent repairs will have to be made to pass it.

Depending on age, different health problems can occur, therefore medical checkups and tests may vary. However, beyond the periodic check-ups, it is important to go to the urologist before certain warning signs such as: erection or ejaculation problems, difficulty and / or discomfort to urinate, blood in the sperm or urine, pain in the testicles, etc…

  • FROM ADOLESCENCE: a scrotal Doppler ultrasound is recommended every year, this test allows us to detect the early development of tumors.
  • 20 YEARS OLD: From this age, 40% of men can suffer from premature ejaculation. Sexually active men, on the other hand, should consider getting tested for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
  • 30 YEARS: at this age men in general should not worry too much about the state of the prostate; getting up sporadically at night to go to the bathroom should not cause an alarm. Age and genetics play a key role in determining the status of this organ.
    However, there are diseases such as Prostatitis, which can appear at any age; it is an inflammation of the prostate that can be caused by a bacterial infection of the prostate gland. Symptoms range from discomfort in the area, voiding disorders, high fever, etc.
  • 45 YEARS OLD: from this age, the first visit to the urologist should be considered for the early detection of prostate cancer. Consultations will be biannual or annual depending on the results of the PSA tests, rectal examination and prostate ultrasound.
  • FROM 65 YEARS AND OLDER: it is the stage in which the prostate has generally increased in size, therefore, it usually brings more problems (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia). Currently there are minimally invasive procedures and techniques, such as the Rezum Method to treat this problem. At this stage, medical check-ups should be part of the routine. As well as including healthy habits in the day to day, especially in the diet.

Men must become aware of the importance of preventive medicine, detecting a health problem early, makes a difference, since doctors can act in time, with the appropriate treatment. In diseases like prostate cancer, early detection is our best weapon; with precise tests, such as fusion biopsy, that help diagnose and refer the patient to specific treatments and minimally invasive surgical interventions and that offer greater accuracy in the results, after surgery.

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