Clínica Premium Estepona


Clinica Premium Estepona is a multidisciplinary and integral medical centre in the assistance area, placed in the city centre, equipped with operating rooms and with 24 hour emergency, needs that have been in demand by the esteponeros for a long time. The Clinic opens its doors with the firm mission to give high quality sanitary coverage to the people of Estepona and all its area that includes Gibraltar to Marbella.

The facilities of Clinical Premium Estepona count almost up to 2000 m2, distributed in two places in the street level, where they have installed consultations and rehabilitation in one place, and hospitalization, operating rooms and urgencies in the other one.

Clinica Premium Estepona benefits from an exceptional and strategic location, in front of the sea, on the city’s promenade. This gives a singular view, besides having easy and comfortable access. With in 10 meters of a public parking, the clinic is located at the Avda. of Andalusia, 2

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